Top 10 ideas for male guest outfits for Indian weddings

How many of you know that the Indian fashion industry is dominated by men's apparel and not women's! The larger segment of Indian retail industry (contributes to 10 percent of our country’s GDP) caters to men’s wear and not women’s wear.

Most of you would agree to the fact that the modern Indian men are spending on fashion beyond essentials, like never before. Do appreciate our male counterparts who are putting in extra efforts to create best impressions through dressing.
Weddings give them that immense opportunity to uniquely present themselves.

However, remember the simple logic “Do not overdo and do not end up looking funny” in your urge to try something new. Here are top 10 ideas when you are a guest (off course a male) at a pre-wedding function or a wedding or a reception.
1)The Evergreen kurta pyjama No one can ever go wrong in a simple kurta pyjama set. This is an evergreen outfit and it suits anyone irrespective of their body frame. Team up a bright coloured kurta with a whit…


Hello readers!!
Today’s article is for my friends who are stressed out and are struggling to retain their energy levels during the course of the day at your workplace.
Our work life consumes 70% or more of our non-sleep time. Many of my buddies have been requesting me to share what I follow to beat the stress.
I am a firm believer that stress directly impacts our quality of performance, health and depletes our thinking ability. Ultimately it leaves one dissatisfied and discontent. I struggled to escape from the clutches of stress due to work until I developed my own framework of actions which helped me to bail out of it.
Here I share some of them which are easy to adopt and quick to follow.

1)Listen to your favourite song or music Be it at your desk or in the restroom, just entangle those earphones and put them on. Tune in to your favourite music and feel the lightness it creates in your brain.  It sure peps u up in no time. I am sure no one is going to search for you if you are not seen aro…


Hello readers!
Do you know that belly fat is the most harmful type of fat present in the body as it gives rise to cascade of problems.
Let us understand why there is so much of mental discomfort attached to belly fat.
The fat that builds up in your belly is called visceral fat which it gets accumulated between the spaces and around viscera (organs such as stomach and intestines). This visceral fat results in toxins that totally derail your resistance and immunity triggering multiple diseases. Cytokines are the toxic chemicals that arise out of visceral fat making you vulnerable to heart diseases and less sensitive to insulin leading to diabetes.


Hello Readers!!
As promised in my earlier blog, I am here to share with you the brand of sunscreen I now struck to, after trying few not so good ones! I had to struggle to zero in the perfect one, as I am required to stay under the sun for long hours and needed one that completely blocks those harmful rays!
After too many suggestions and online browsing’s, I finally landed up in a ‘Health and glow’ store to have a look at the various sunscreens available in the market.
That’s when I chose Neutrogena Dry Touch Sun block SPF 50+! It made my sunny days enjoyable and I never regretted the decision to go for this one.

I felt the choice was perfect for the product claims Neutrogena® Ultra-Sheer® Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ PA+++is a breakthrough in sun protection. Stabilized with Helioplex™, it provides superior balanced broad-spectrum protection against skin-aging UVA and burning UVB rays, and combines it with Dry Touch Technology for an ultra-light, non-shiny finish. This lightweight sunblock …